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Socioemotional Intelligence: Tools for inspiring parents and captivating teachers (English Edition)

By Augusto Cury

Translation: Marcos Cristovam de Paula 


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Book Summary

As the title suggests, the main target audience of this book are parents and teachers, coming from the most diverse sociocultural levels. In it, the author proposes five tools in order to develop in his readers the ability to shape individuals (that is, children and students) centered and fulfilled.


About the book


Dr. Cury, a contemporary thinker, author of the Multifocal Intelligence Theory, has studied the complex phenomena of the thought building up, the formation of the Self, the conscious roles of memory, and the process of shaping thinkers. He explains the functioning of the human mind (the "last frontier of science") and states that we need to know the processes involved in this functioning. This knowledge will help us understand the actions and reactions of those around us – especially our children and students – so that we can help them overcome their socioemotional hardships.

The author describes four phenomena that he calls “copilots of our mental aircraft” that act within milliseconds, even before the Self realizes this. He states that these phenomena can either sponsor the most beautiful, creative, and enterprising thoughts or make room for the biggest nightmares and mental ghosts. 

Dr. Cury also claims that Education has been treating our children as computers or robots, that is to say, storers and processors of information, rather than potential thinkers. Memorizing and processing ready-made data affords no distinction for a student – in fact, one of the most serious problems we face today is the excess of information, which overloads our minds and causes the Accelerated Thinking Syndrome (ATS), the evil of this century, according to the author.

Hence, Dr. Cury sustains that begetting a deep change in Education worldwide is paramount, aiming to transcend the Cartesian standards, thus adopting a more humanistic approach. One cannot separate reason from emotion in education processes. In addition, as parents and educators, we should hug more and judge less, celebrate more achievements than demanding more results. Only in this way will we encourage our young ones to become entrepreneurs and unleash their creativity.

The author also states that there are no rules, but there are, certainly, tools and several techniques to shape brilliant and socioemotionally healthy minds. These tools and techniques aim to protect emotions and nurture healthy relationships, so that each child and student can become the author of his/her own story. Concerning relational issues, Dr. Cury shows the benefits of virtues such as forgiveness, gratefulness, and kindness towards those around us – yet, above all, that the greatest recipient of that is the Self of each one of us!

Finally, we highlight, as the author himself says: regardless of religion, we all have a lot to learn from a character who lived 2,000 years ago – The Master of all masters. We should study His mind and learn from the techniques He used in order to shape free and healthy minds.

Product Details:

Pages: 131

Publisher: Word Master Publisher

Size: A5


Author’s Info:

With over 30 million books sold, he is a best-selling in the last decade with his book “The Dream Seller”, adapted to screen in 2016. Dr. Augusto Cury is the creator of the Multifocal Intelligence Theory, which analyzes the thought-building process.

Creator of the first online Emotion Management Academy – which has already transformed the lives of more than 40 thousand students through courses and workshops using the Emotion Management tools.

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