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Devocional para Ellas

By Augusto Cury

Translation: Marcos Cristovam de Paula and Lorenna Matias

Book Summary

This is the fifth and ultimate book from the “Analysis of the Intelligence of Christ” series. To top it off, Dr. Cury presents us the greatest shaper of thinkers in history. Here you will have the opportunity to learn from the precious teachings and the intelligence of a man who, in every possible way, was simply amazing! Although His personality was of incomparable greatness, this characteristic was showed mainly by His simplicity and humility.


About the book


This reading is especially interesting for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, philosophers, educators, spiritual leaders, and anyone who wants to help other people to overcome their struggles – especially the inner ones. 

Following an extremely useful line to Biblical Psychology, the author approaches, with courage and propriety, concepts such as Spiritual Intelligence, soul and spirit, among others.
History shows us that Jesus Christ was a real person, not a work of fiction – He doesn't even fit into the human imagination. Jesus was not an ordinary human being; yet He lived as a common man, greatly raising the standard of human virtues. 

Jesus showed unbeatable intelligence, boundless love, unique compassion, extraordinary kindness, dignity, brotherhood, self-denial and many other lofty virtues, which made Him the greatest example for all of us.

Product Details:

Pages: 162

Publisher: Word Master Publisher

Size: A5


Author’s Info:

With over 30 million books sold, he is a best-selling in the last decade with his book “The Dream Seller”, adapted to screen in 2016. Dr. Augusto Cury created the Multifocal Intelligence Theory, which analyzes the thought-building process.

Creator of the first online Emotion Management Academy – which has already transformed the lives of more than 40 thousand students through courses and workshops using the Emotion Management tools.

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