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We establish authentic relationships, as we value each of our partners, authors, illustrators, customers and institutions that associate with us. Excellence is our standard. Therefore, we strive to excel in everything we do, as if it were done for the Lord (Colossians 3:23).

Our activity is marked by professionalism and exemplary services.

The primary services (not the only ones) we offer are:

  • Translation and reviewing – especially between English/ Portuguese/ Spanish

  • Editorial

  • Publication

  • Videos Subtitling

This is one of the subtitled videos:

This is one of the subtitled videos:

Main Purposes of Word Master Publisher

Modern Classroom

  • Aid churches by seeking to fulfill God’s calling to every Christian, that is, to be actively involved with the great commission (Mathew 28:16-20).

  • Provide the printed and/or online content material that supports the various ministries in the church.

  • Help local churches to reach out to the poor, the needy, the immigrants, the abused, and the neglected through the content material we provide. We aim to inform, instruct, and educate people according to the principles of God’s kingdom.

  • Plan Sunday school projects and lessons for the teachers at the Kid’s Ministry.

  • Support schools in the subject of World Languages by planning and developing textbooks, activity books, teacher’s guides, audio-listening, and educational apps that promote the student’s learning in the four skills of the language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

  • Support schools and churches in the subject of World Languages by teaching courses relating to biblical and/or linguistics studies on a contractual and as-needed basis.

  • Offer Teacher’s Trainings that equips teachers to better use our textbooks in the classroom.

  • Develop materials that facilitate Bible teaching and Discipleship both in schools or churches, which are adapted according to each audience’s age.

Open Book

  • Help authors with the processes of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing their books, both/either digital and/or hard copy versions of it.

  • Translate reading materials.

  • Provide to the community in general: Literature, magazines, and journals.

  • Facilitate students' research worldwide through college journal online publications.

  • Edit and publish magazine articles written by experts in different fields of knowledge.

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