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Devotional for women

Language: Portuguese

By Carla Souza

ISBN: 978-65997455-9-1


Book Summary

This is a 40-Day devotional for women. It invites you to meditate and pray daily against the devil's most common fears, challenges and lies in the female mind. It is going to help you strengthen your faith.


About the book

Devotional for them is a forty-day spiritual journey to strengthen your faith.
If you've lived more than a day in this world, you've realized that not everything is perfect. I don't know what your situation is right now, but if you chose to read this devotional, you're probably looking to strengthen your faith.

The world constantly reminds us that bad things happen, but I believe that an unshakable faith grows when we face challenges. We just need to constantly remind ourselves who is the God we serve. 

God is not oblivious to your pain, nor to your needs.

In these next forty days I invite you to join me through a profound meditation about redemption in Christ, to dive deeper into the waters, and to fly higher on the wings of the Holy Spirit. Day after day, step by step, I will lead you and walk the second mile with you. Even if things don't happen as we expect, when bad news knock on our door, they won't knock us down, because you will grow a faith that is rooted in the Word of God.

Let's go!

Product Details:

On Sale: 03/10/23
Pages: 206
Publisher: Word Master Publisher
Size: 6 x 9”
Key words: Devotional / Women’s Ministry / Christian

Book’s vídeo:

Author’s Info:

Carla Souza is married to Marcelo Souza, mother of Alberto, Hadassa, and Hayssa. She is a pastor at Love & Faith Church in California, a counselor, a psychoanalyst in training and mentor. She has published three books and they have been translated to many languages. She is also an international speaker at churches and religious events. For over 20 years, she has mentored women to achieve personal development and emotional health.

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