Lauro Paredes

Ilustrador de Marabá-PA


Lauro Paredes is an illustrator from Para, Brazil. He has been developing his artistic gift since his childhood. In the beginning of his career, he used to draw Marvel super-heroes and Walt Disney’s characters. As time went by, he improved his technique on people’s profile, animals, and nature, which developed a unique and original style. He has now become an authentic illustrator and his characters can tell it. He is the image creator of characters like Hilário, Maria Eugênia, and Juçara from the series “As aventuras de Hilário e Maria Eugênia”, which is a material created for the purpose of literacy in Portuguese as a foreign language, published by WMP.


Dr. Augusto Cury

Psychiatrist and Writer


With over 30 million books sold, he is considered the most read author of the last decade with his bestseller “The Dreamseller”, adapted to screen in 2016, Dr. Augusto Cury is the creator of the Multifocal Intelligence Theory, which analyzes the thought-building process.


Creator of EMA - the first online Emotion Management Academy -, which has already transformed the lives of more than 40 thousand students through courses and workshops with the Emotion Management tools.

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Carla Souza 


Carla Souza is married to Marcelo Souza, mother of 3 children; Alberto, Hadassa and Hayssa. Pastor at Love and Faith Church in California, counselor, psychoanalyst in training, and mentor. Writer of three published works and international speaker at churches and events. She has worked on women's personal development and emotional health for over 20 years


Stephani Silva


Stephani Silva is the wife of Thiago Rodrigues and the mother of Nathalie and Joy Rodrigues. She is from Goiania in Brazil and has been living in California since 2005. She is the author of “The Puzzle of Life” and the series of Kids’ Books “I am,” “You Are,” and “I love you.”

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Silvana Barbosa


Silvana Barbosa is married to Giovany Mendes, the mother of Giovany Otávio, Gustavo Henrique and Sophia Giovanna. She is a woman of Christian principles and values. Silvana prioritizes what is most important in life: her relationship with God and her family. She has recently launched her first book, which is a testimony of God’s grace over her daughter’s life.