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Types of books

If you love literature, enjoy writing, or feel that God is calling you to write, it may be that your gift or calling will become a book and your message will be taken to the nations. Here is a brief description of some literary genres to encourage you to write and publish your book:

  • Poetry

Poetry is a lyrical text. It deals with feelings. Everything can serve as an inspiration, from people to objects can be the subject of poetry. Poetry is usually a shorter text where the words are carefully crafted for a purpose. The poet is an artist who plays with words. Just as the sewer sews the patchwork, the poet sews the words, giving them beauty in that context. It is usually rich in figures of speech. It can have rhyme, meter, lines, and stanzas, or it can be written in prose. What makes poetry a unique literary style is the poet's artistic zeal in sculpting the words.

  • Biography

The word biography comes from Greek and means BIO - life and GRAPHY - writing. So, it is a narrative about someone's life. It is usually written in the first person.

  • Devotional

The devotional is a Bible study. Generally, it has a pre-established period, it can be daily, weekly, or even yearly. For each day of the devotional there is a meditation on the Holy Scriptures, an author's commentary, and a prayer on the matter. Sometimes, there is also space for the reader's notes.

  • Testimony

The testimony is also a biography, in the sense that it narrates someone's life. However, in the testimony there is an account of how God transformed that life, through a relationship with Him in prayer. Testimonies are usually stories of salvation, healing, deliverance, and miracles. It is usually written in the first person.

  • Prophecy

The prophetic text is usually a descriptive narrative of the revelation given by God to someone or a group of people. It is always biblically based and tells about themes concerning the future of the church.

  • Children's Book

Children's books are usually fiction texts that stimulate fantasy and imagination. Illustrations are just as important (or sometimes even more important) than written text. Therefore, the work of the author and the illustrator must be combined to explore the full potential of the book. Generally, they are focused on the different stages of childhood, regarding the colors, font size, number of words and complexity of themes.

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