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A Harvest in the Storm

Language: English

Author: Darcy Nascimento

ISBN: 979-8-89342-720-2

Book Summary:

"After twenty-one days of silence, God gave me a dream. I dreamed that I was in a very dry field on one side, and completely green on the other... Suddenly, a boy came, jumping through the air." This dream by Darcy Nascimento summarizes her journey.

Fleeing from a difficult life in Brazil, she illegally immigrated to the USA, faced life-threatening danger in the Arizona desert, was arrested more than once by the American immigration police, was deported and humiliated. However, God met her, forgave her sins, and transformed her life, from being against the law to the abundant life she found in Jesus. Today, she is an American citizen, for God's glory. This book is an account of her testimony of transformation through the power of the gospel.


About the Author: 

Darcy Nascimento was born in Monte Alegre, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is now an American citizen, residing in California. Darcy is a theologian at Instituto Bíblico Mensagem de Paz, chaplain at Stanford University, coach and microentrepreneur. She is leader of the Diaconate Department and instructor of the Deacons Course at Message of Peace Church. The author teaches coaching sessions to help people overcome their challenges through faith.


Currently, Darcy gives her moving testimony in Christian churches so that other people can be edified and also harvest in the storm. Her greatest passion is going to the mission field to bring help to those in need.

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