Book launching “The Puzzle of Life”
The book launch will be at the conference “Vivendo a Aceleração” at Amor e Fé Church on September 8th and 9th, 2022.
The books will be available both in Portuguese and English.

Register today on the link:
Launch of the Children's Literary Series
“A Terra do Troca-Letras”
Attention, dear readers:

The launch event of the series “A Terra do Troca-Letras” in Pato Branco city had to be postponed!
Reason: a person from the author's family has got Covid and, for reasons of social responsibility, we understand that the best thing to do is to suspend the event, for now...
As soon as we have a forecast for the new date, we will inform you on all our communication channels.

Thank you very much for your understanding!
The editors.
The XV Congress of the Restoration
The XV Congress of the Restoration, promoted by the “Teaching from Zion Ministry,” happened in São Paulo - Brazil, last weekend. One of the pillars of this ministry is the restoration of the individual, the family, and the community of the disciples of Christ, aiming at a restored, glorious, united, and victorious Church.

The event had the participation of national and international speakers, and the director of Word Master Brazil was there to check it out.

Among several speakers present at the Restoration Congress were Word Master partners, such as:
• Dr. Augusto Cury, giving the lecture “Management of the Emotions to Overcome and Prevent Emotional Disorders and Suicides”
• Marcelo Guimarães – “Current Challenges: the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’”
• Matheus Zandona Guimarães – “One people, One God – How the Community of Saints will Be the Light in Times of Darkness.”

One of the main goals of the Congress is to promote the restoration of the relationship between the Church of Christ and Israel.

Finally, we leave a sentence from Rabbi Marcelo Guimarães:
“What unites us must speak louder than our differences.”