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The beginning


Our history began when Mr. Marcos de Paula invited Mrs. Lorenna Matias to translate from Portuguese to English one of the books by the Brazilian author, Dr. Augusto Cury. He is the best-selling Psychiatrist in the world, whose books have been published in over 70 nations worldwide. “O Mestre Inesquecível”, now The Unforgettable Master is the fifth and last book of the series The Analysis of Christ’s Intelligence. 


​“O Mestre Inesquecível”, now "The Unforgettable Master" is the fifth and last book of the series The Analysis of Christ’s Intelligence. 

The insight

When Mr. Marcos de Paula translated the second book Socioemotional Intelligence, also by Dr. Augusto Cury, he envisioned the opportunity to start a publishing house business to publish this and other works. Hence, our founder proceeded to create our logo, brand, and business in our headquarters in Curitiba – PR, Brazil. Mrs. Matias participated in deciding the details of the logo’s design. 

The Internationalization 

After the publishing of our first book in English, Mr. De Paula realized the need for an international site, where its first language is English. So, Mr. De Paula invited Mrs. Matias to be a partner and dealership of the Word Master Publisher in the American land. Mrs. Matias promptly accepted the challenge. Therefore, we started the Word Master branch in Coconut Creek – FL, USA.

Pile Of Books


    Other Jobs:


  • Besides the translation and books published in English, we have also been doing other jobs, such as:

  • Publishing the first book of the series of textbooks of Portuguese as a Second Language, “Hilário e Maria Eugênia na Terra do Troca-Letras*”. The series is meant for children and youth and it explores the Brazilian culture. Its educational goal is to promote the literacy of Portuguese with a phonetical approach.

  • Video subtitling in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Korean; as well as website translations;

  • Translation and publication of books in other languages.

Biography of the Directors:


Marcos Cristovam Lopes de Paula

Mr De Paula is married and has two children. 
Director of Word Master Brazil; social worker, writer, translator, and teacher of English on bilingual teaching; tutor at Uninter - International University Center; post-graduated in Portuguese and Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, he is about to get a Master's degree in Languages from the Federal University of Technology – Paraná – Brazil


Lorenna Matias

Lorenna Matias is married to Luciano, has two children, Lucas and Lorenzo, and lives in Florida-USA. She’s a daughter of God and loves Jesus. Lorenna is a Bible and Linguistics Specialist. She has taught children and adults English, Portuguese, and Spanish for over 20 years of her career in Education, both online and in person. She holds two B.A.’s in Language Arts (Portuguese and English) and Pedagogy. She is also a Foreign Language Specialist and has an M.A. in Biblical Studies from South Florida Bible College. Lorenna is also a translator and author of academic journals and children's books, having translated books by renowned authors such as the best-seller Augusto Cury and written a series of children's language books “As Aventuras de Hilário e Ma. Eugênia na Terra do Troca-Letras”, to teach Portuguese as a Second Language (PSL).

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